Never underestimate the power of eyes! I think they are our most shiny jewellery. That’s why even in ancient Egypt, women were using coal to make their eyes more remarkable. So, why shouldn’t we use more practical make up products in 2016!!!
Eye shadows were definitely the most popular make up product of last year. And I’m sure eye shadows will keep their very same reputation in 2016 too. Therefore, I would like to introduce you my eye-friends!
It is creamy and long lasting. So, it meets all I want from an eye shadow. It is really a life saver. You can apply it with finger or brush. It is really easy. Stila started to be one of my fave makeup brand.
It is perfect to apply, creamy, but unfortunately it is not long lasting. It is very shiny and also a wallet friendly choice.
It is long lasting but a bit dry to apply. And only way to apply is by brush. Personally I like creamy shadows but still this is a good quality product.
This is absolutely my star. T. Leclerc eye shadow is like a cream. It is shiny. It looks really natural and elegant. Very easy to apply. Every time it gives me amazing eyes in a minute. This is my favourite make up product of all. I recommend everyone to try it!



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