Happiness is Yoga


I took my first yoga class last year in a teeny weeny stuffy gym saloon. Well, even then, I could say it was the best sportive experience I have ever had. I have fallen in love with yoga since then. I have been to couple of different yoga studios and had several different instructors. To me, the studio is as important as the instructor. When you are doing yoga, ambiance does the trick. Couple of weeks ago, I was in the best yoga studio in London. I guarantee that it is the best (of course except the parks and forests but now we are in the rainy chilly London winter and it is not an option.)


The studio looks like a secret cottage in the middle of a garden. They have skylights which make you feel great. Also, there was a relaxing smell of smudge stick, lovely and professional instructors. So, if all of these don’t make this place the best yoga studio in London, what else would do? Please give yourself a treat and try Battersea Yoga. Unfortunately I couldn’t take so many photos last time I was there, but you can check their website:

thumbnail_fullsizerender3  thumbnail_FullSizeRender2.jpg


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