I have always been interested in art. I believe art affects us in a positive way. I can’t imagine anyone who canvassees an original Van Gogh painting and not being fascinated. Couple of years ago, I went to Paris just to feast my eyes. I was super excited about Rodin, Van Gogh, Monet and especially Da Vinci (La Joconde).


So I picked up stuff which were suitable for my show-off ambition. I bought cotton bags, hair cliffs and a brooch. They were all wearable.

I’m not proud of it but this is the truth, I wanted to impress people with my Paris trip. It was my bohemian years and I didn’t buy anything from a famous French fashion house. Not only because I couldn’t afford, also I was thinking they are not cool (my lost years).

item8.rendition.slideshow.shopping-march-2014-09-bulgari-serpenti-bracelets       316990_in_xl        779-10017-8053672351286_BROWN_ALT01


I used to question why our generation doesn’t have enough artists and blame the technology, Internet and computer games. Then, at my trip, I realized that we indeed have enough artists.

Maybe they don’t paint, they don’t make sculptures but they do design. They create shoes, jewellers, bags and clothes. We can’t deny the role of bourgeois during the Renaissance and how they assisted the improvement of art. In today’s world, the rich supports designers. They are no longer willing to pay millions for a painting that is hanged on their wall and only their visitors see. Instead, they spend their money on a fancy bag that they will carry wherever they go. Our century discovers “wearable art”. I don’t want to exaggerate but a pair of Valentino shoes makes me as excited as a Renaissance painting.

If you don’t agree, please check the picture. I guarantee you will be thrilled!!!

HallieDaily-Casual-Weekend-Wear-in-Valentino-Shoes_2        387606_DKE0E_6433_001_web_doublehero


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