Conventional wisdom says ‘what you eat is what you are’. Do you wanna be fresh and smooth? If the answer is yes, then go for Greek Yoghurt. It is called Greek yoghurt but you can call it Greek miracle. It is fresh, healthy, low calorie and scrumptious. What can we expect more than this from a food?

I stop here and give you my yummy summer recipes!!!

cacik-tarifi-720x450Greek Yoghurt with cucumber:

Chop a cucumber, mix it with yoghurt and add dry mint. That’s it. Amount depends on your taste. 1 big cucumber and 1 lbs of yoghurt are ideal but you can prepare it as per your taste. If you want you can add a half-tablespoon olive oil also. Easy, healthy, yummy and the most importantly it is low calorie!

Greek Yoghurt with carrot

Dress carrots (3-4 pieces) and cook them with one-tablespoon olive oil. After they are cooked (around 10- 15 min), mix them with Greek Yoghurt (1 lbs). That’s it. You can add coriander or parsley depending on your taste.

Greek Yoghurt with aubergine and red pepper

Roast an aubergine and a red pepper and mix them with Greek Yoghurt. If you add a bit of garlic, that will be amazing. It is yummy yummy (one of my favourites).

Greek yoghurt with courgette and walnut

Dress or chop a courgette (depends on your taste, in my opinion there is nothing fixed in the kitchen, you can change anything) and cook with one-tablespoon olive oil. Mix it with Greek Yoghurt and walnut. You can’t believe how yummy and easy!!

Make-a-Fruit-and-Yogurt-Smoothie-Intro-Version-2 Greek Yoghurt with chickpea and quinoa

It is the best summer diet recipe ever. Boil quinoa and chickpea. Mix them with Greek Yoghurt. Ready! I recommend adding mint also. It is kind of a cold soup.

Greek Yoghurt with whole meal pasta

Boil pasta with a can of mix bean, carrot and potatoes. Mix them with Greek Yoghurt. Scrumptious!

 Bonus recipe!!! Greek Yoghurt smoothie

This is the bonus receipe. You can use Greek Yoghurt for all types of smoothie. It makes you feel fuller and fresher than milk. Try, you will love it…


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