Before I start, let me say this is not a letter for a sponsor. It is a letter for appreciation.

I put my first make up when I was at college (I know it is too late but better than never). My first make up products were eyeliner and eyelash, not even a lipstick. I have had a very healthy skin so I haven’t needed powder or concealer (after a sleepless college year, I have been in dire need of a concealer though). Since then, MAC has always been with me and contributed to all compliments I get.

I can’t deny the role of IN EXTREME DIMENSION 3D BLACK LASH and TECHNAKOHL LINER(GRAPHBLACK) in the compliment “beautiful eyes” that I get very often.

I have to accept the power of MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH (NEW ROMANCE) after hearing “You look so healthy and lively, what has happened to you? Did you fall in love?”

macmacm  macmaccc

And my lovely rescuer MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL POWDER is always with me but no one realizes that I am wearing it. This is the most natural make up product ever. Thanks to that I hear “Your skin doesn’t have any problem, it looks silky” almost every day.

In time, I have discovered some other products from MAC such as eye shadow, lipsticks, lip-gloss and etc.

I have tried other make-up brands as well but there has been only one that I have never changed: MAC.

I don’t know who creates these natural and long lasting products. I don’t know who the scientist (magician) is behind these products that literally save my life so many times.

I just want to say “Thank you. I appreciate what you create. They make my life better than better every single day. I feel more beautiful and confident because of you. Thank you for creating all these beauties”.


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