LV Series 3 Exibition
If you are a type of person who waits after a movie to see all the names on the screen, then you must see LV3 exibition. It is absolutely your cup of tea. LV3 Series give us an opportunity to see who creates this unique brand.
I am always curious about hands behind an art piece or an impressive product. That’s why visiting LV3 exhibition was perfect for me.
To be honest, other parts of the exhibition was not so impressive. In fact, I might prefer Mayfair LV store more than this exhibition.
I grabbed some LV stickers and a poster from the exhibition though. It was a nice gesture from LV team. At the end of the day, it was a lovely afternoon with LV and anything with LV is always good.




I have had only one question in my mind when I was going to attend the social media event of T.LeClerc: How can I pronounce T.LeClerc? I didn’t have any idea about this brand, haven’t heard the name before.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much from their products. I’m quite a hard shell about my regular make up products and I don’t like to take risks, especially if they are pricey.

So, T. LeClerc has totally changed my mind about this philosophy. I started to believe the power of try again. Try, try and try until you find the best one!
I got the opportunity to try some of T. LeClerc beauty products. Before my review let me tell you guys about this brand which most of us never heard about.

T. LeClerc was founded in 1881 by renowned pharmacist Theophile LeClerc. Their range of cosmetics began with a secret powder formula. To this day, the powder recipe is kept as a secret and only two people know its exclusive ingredients.

And now, I would like to introduce my top 3 favourites from T. LeClerc collection.
Ombres Divines cream eye shadow
Fantastic. Absolutely, it is fantastic. I have never used an eye shadow as creamy as this one. It is creamy, shiny and very easy to apply. It gives a very natural shimmer look. I really feel love for this shadow. It is my favourite in entire collection. I would like everyone to try it. Just try, believe me you will love it too.
Mascara Bloom
This mascara surprised me. I have pretty weak eyelashes and after I applied this mascara just wow! I don’t wanna exaggerate but this can be the best mascara I have ever used. I couldn’t believe what I see in the mirror.
Exquisite Lipstick
I tried ‘pourpre veburs’. How can I say, that’s hot. It is sexy, femme fettale but also cool and charismatic. I don’t know how it can be possible to mix all these up but they found a way to do it and it’s amazing.

To sum it up, I can say ‘Nice to meet you T.LeClerc, I’m sure we will see each other again!’



Conventional wisdom says ‘what you eat is what you are’. Do you wanna be fresh and smooth? If the answer is yes, then go for Greek Yoghurt. It is called Greek yoghurt but you can call it Greek miracle. It is fresh, healthy, low calorie and scrumptious. What can we expect more than this from a food?

I stop here and give you my yummy summer recipes!!!

cacik-tarifi-720x450 Greek Yoghurt with cucumber:

Chop a cucumber, mix it with yoghurt and add dry mint. That’s it. Amount  depends  on your taste. 1 big cucumber and 1 lbs of yoghurt are ideal but you can prepare it as per your taste. If you want you can add a half-tablespoon olive oil also. Easy, healthy, yummy and the most importantly it is low calorie!

Greek Yoghurt with carrot

Dress carrots (3-4 pieces) and cook them with one-tablespoon olive oil. After they are cooked (around 10- 15 min), mix them with Greek Yoghurt (1 lbs). That’s it. You can add coriander or parsley depending on your taste.

Greek Yoghurt with aubergine and red pepper

Roast an aubergine and a red pepper and mix them with Greek Yoghurt. If you add a bit of garlic, that will be amazing. It is yummy yummy (one of my favourites).

Greek yoghurt with courgette and walnut

Dress or chop a courgette (depends on your taste, in my opinion there is nothing fixed in the kitchen, you can change anything) and cook with one-tablespoon olive oil. Mix it with Greek Yoghurt and walnut. You can’t believe how yummy and easy!!

 Make-a-Fruit-and-Yogurt-Smoothie-Intro-Version-2Greek Yoghurt with chickpea and quinoa

It is the best summer diet recipe ever. Boil quinoa and chickpea. Mix them with Greek Yoghurt. Ready! I recommend adding mint also. It is kind of a cold soup.

Greek Yoghurt with whole meal pasta

Boil pasta with a can of mix bean, carrot and potatoes. Mix them with Greek Yoghurt. Scrumptious!

 Bonus recipe!!! Greek Yoghurt smoothie

This is the bonus receipe. You can use Greek Yoghurt for all types of smoothie. It makes you feel fuller and fresher than milk. Try, you will love it…




Before I start, let me say this is not a letter for a sponsor. It is a letter for appreciation.

I put my first make up when I was at college (I know it is too late but better than never). My first make up products were eyeliner and eyelash, not even a lipstick. I have had a very healthy skin so I haven’t needed powder or concealer (after a sleepless college year, I have been in dire need of a concealer though). Since then, MAC has always been with me and contributed to all compliments I get.

I can’t deny the role of IN EXTREME DIMENSION 3D BLACK LASH and TECHNAKOHL LINER(GRAPHBLACK) in the compliment “beautiful eyes” that I get very often.

I have to accept the power of MAC MINERALIZE BLUSH (NEW ROMANCE) after hearing “You look so healthy and lively, what has happened to you? Did you fall in love?”

macmacm   macmaccc

And my lovely rescuer MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL POWDER is always with me but no one realizes that I am wearing it. This is the most natural make up product ever. Thanks to that I hear “Your skin doesn’t have any problem, it looks silky” almost every day.

In time, I have discovered some other products from MAC such as eye shadow, lipsticks, lip-gloss and etc.

I have tried other make-up brands as well but there has been only one that I have never changed: MAC.

I don’t know who creates these natural and long lasting products. I don’t know who the scientist (magician) is behind these products that literally save my life so many times.

I just want to say “Thank you. I appreciate what you create. They make my life better than better every single day. I feel more beautiful and confident because of you. Thank you for creating all these beauties”.

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I have always been interested in art. I believe art affects us in a positive way. I can’t imagine anyone who sees an original VanGogh painting and not being fascinated. canvasCouple of years ago, I went to Paris just to feast my eyes. I was super excited about Rodin, Van Gogh, Monet and especially Da Vinci (La Joconde).

They enchanted me more than I expected. I tried to visit all museums there and discovered museum shops.

I wanted to buy some souvenirs to remind me that trip. My intention of buying those souvenirs was to remember amazing artworks that affected me deeply. To be honest, I also wanted to show off with my great Paris experience.  

item8.rendition.slideshow.shopping-march-2014-09-bulgari-serpenti-bracelets    316990_in_xl   779-10017-8053672351286_BROWN_ALT01

So I picked up stuff which were suitable for my show-off ambition. I bought cotton bags, hair cliffs and a brooch. They were all wearable.

I’m not proud of it but this is the truth, I wanted to impress people with my Paris trip. It was my bohemian years and I didn’t buy anything from a famous French fashion house. Not only because I couldn’t afford, also I was thinking they are not cool (my lost years).

I used to question why our generation doesn’t have enough artists and blame the technology, Internet and computer games. Then, at my trip, I realized that we indeed have enough artists.

Maybe they don’t paint, they don’t make sculptures but they do design. They create shoes, jewellers, bags and clothes. We can’t deny the role of bourgeois during the Renaissance and how they assisted the improvement of art. In today’s world, the rich supports designers. They are no longer willing to pay millions for a painting that is hanged on their wall and only their visitors see. Instead, they spend their money on a fancy bag that they will carry wherever they go. Our century discovers “wearable art”. I don’t want to exaggerate but a pair of Valentino shoes makes me as excited as a Renaissance painting.

If you don’t agree, please check the picture. I guarantee you will be thrilled!!!

HallieDaily-Casual-Weekend-Wear-in-Valentino-Shoes_2     387606_DKE0E_6433_001_web_doublehero



Even the name itself is enough to make us smile. Funny socks! Are they cute or ugly? Feminine or childish? Sexy or disgusting? To be honest, I hated them until last month. I used to wear black socks only thinking black is cool and also convenient (by doing so I wasn’t spending too much time to pair them up after laundry). Last month, after a very strong recommendation (!) from my boyfriend (I always trust fashion taste of Italians), I decided to give it a try.

I first bought cheap ones with panda figures from Primark and found them adorable. I don’t know how I lived without them. I have a big collection now (pairs from Accessorize are the best though). I love them! They look very stylish with sneakers also. They are very girlish and cute. Perfect for casual days. There is nothing like these socks that makes you feel comfy, trust me!!!Commander-Awesome_Venus_Valentines